Barkan Energy & Sustainability Team

As an exclusive benefit for clients of Barkan Management Company, Usource provides expert energy and sustainability advice.

With the volatility of the energy market, multi-family communities need to find new and creative ways to mitigate risk and manage costs. Barkan Energy and Sustainability Team (BEST), powered by Usource, offers a full range of integrated energy solutions for Barkan communities. Your community can achieve budget certainty and cost savings with a customized energy strategy.

Complete the form or contact Lisa Cochran today to learn how your community can save money and achieve sustainability goals with an energy strategy designed for your unique goals and objectives.

Your community will benefit from:

A dedicated energy advisor and a team of market analysts

As an extension of your Barkan team, we work with you to craft strategies, evaluate energy projects, advise on rebates and incentives as well as regulatory or legal changes, and act as liaison with suppliers and vendors.

Robust energy solutions

Our advisory services range from procurement and energy efficiency to on-site generation and renewable energy, allowing us to customize the right energy strategy to meet your property’s needs and objectives.

Local presence and knowledge

BEST understands the complexities of the local energy market, regional renewable energy programs, and the issues impacting your communities.

Unbiased competitive procurement process

Leverage robust supplier network to get the best electric and natural gas pricing and contract terms with our fully transparent, unbiased bidding platform.

You’re a click away from an energy expert.

Some energy solutions BEST delivers:

  • Annual Energy Budgets

  • Utility Bill Review

  • Benchmark Reporting

  • Sales Tax Review

  • Electric Procurement

  • Natural Gas Procurement

  • Energy Efficiency

  • Energy Project Payment Solutions

  • Onsite Solar

  • Offsite Solar

  • Community Solar

  • Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Community solar now available to Barkan communities

Unlike the more common ‘behind the meter’ solar, where solar panels are installed on a building or property, community solar allows businesses to effectively purchase solar energy from panels that are not on its property and not owned by the business itself. The utility will then recognize each subscriber as participating in the program and will issue energy credits on the subscriber’s utility bill.
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