Top 5 Energy Strategy Tips for Property Managers

November 30, 2020

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Myriad disruptions in 2020 greatly impacted multiple industries across the globe. With dramatic changes rippling through the energy market, commercial property managers are now facing a number of unique challenges, including carbon reduction mandates, energy efficiency requirements, energy usage reporting, and more.

Energy costs account for up to 1/3 of a commercial property’s operating budget. With property managers juggling multiple objectives and competing priorities, it can be easy to let energy procurement and energy management fall by the wayside. Unfortunately, neglecting to give energy planning proper consideration can have costly consequences. But a strategic approach to energy and renewables can help improve your bottom line, reduce unnecessary spending, and free up money that could be allocated to other expenses.

To get your organization back on track and positioned for energy savings, let’s review some key energy management considerations and best practices for commercial properties.

1. Establishing Sustainability Goals

Sustainability has become a growing priority for many businesses and educational institutions. Today’s property managers are seeing an increasing desire from their organization’s external and internal stakeholders to modify operations with sustainability objectives in mind. An optimal sustainability strategy will have a plan that drives down costs, mitigates risk, and demonstrates environmental leadership. Usource works with commercial property managers to craft an actionable and measurable Sustainability Plan and assist as desired in executing identified initiatives.

2. Integrating Renewable Energy

Renewable energy sources can help your business reduce electricity costs, meet sustainability goals, and showcase environmental leadership. Whether you’re considering onsite, offsite, or community solar, or another clean energy option, Usource can help with clean energy sourcing to help you find the solution that best meets your business objectives and sustainability goals.

Usource is part of the NextEra Energy family of companies. NextEra Energy, Inc. is the largest generator of wind and solar energy in the world and a global leader in sustainable energy. As part of NextEra Energy, Usource is uniquely positioned to analyze, facilitate, and execute your renewable energy project and ensure it is a cohesive fit with your overall energy strategy.

3. Assessing Utility Bills/Costs

There may be inaccuracies on your utility bill that are costing your property thousands of dollars each year. It is not uncommon to have incorrect sales tax, rate code, or supplier pass-through charges on your utility bills. Usource analysts are available to audit and analyze your commercial utility bill to correct errors and help you develop a cost-efficient energy procurement and energy management strategy. Click here to request a free utility bill review.

4. Conducting Energy Efficiency Studies/Projects

There are many ways to reduce your facility’s energy usage through energy efficiency projects. We work with you to identify cost-saving energy efficiency measures that make sense based on your goals and objectives. Potential areas we investigate for upgrades, monitoring, and automated controls include:

  • Lighting
  • HVAC systems
  • Cooling and refrigeration systems
  • Motors, pumps, and compressors
  • Boiler systems

When you want to lower your energy operating expenses and reduce your organization’s carbon footprint through energy efficiency measures, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the process, and even discouraged by the perceived amount of time, money, and resource it will require. As your energy consultant, we will work with you to identify available rebates, benchmark the facility, get an energy audit completed, implement the energy efficiency plan, fill out rebate paperwork, and most importantly, tie up any loose ends.

5. Scheduling an Energy Consultation

To help ensure you’re doing everything possible to optimize your energy spend and simplify your energy strategy, working with an expert energy consulting firm like Usource is a smart choice. Our capabilities, resources, and unique approach to energy planning can help you develop an energy and sustainability strategy that includes utility bill analysis, energy usage analysis, energy data management, and reporting, energy efficiency projects, renewable energy projects, and more. Not only can this translate to significant savings for your organization, but it also allows you to leverage the energy expertise of our team so you and your team can focus on doing what you do best. Contact us today to discover if there are savings you’re missing out on.

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