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Transforming Businesses with Strategic Energy Planning

With a fact-based, analytical approach and deep expertise in energy markets, energy technology, and clean energy sourcing, we work with commercial and industrial organizations to develop comprehensive energy strategies that integrate commodity pricing, energy and cost efficiency, and decarbonization planning. Whatever your business objectives, you can rely on our proven process to guide you to your own unique solution.



The process starts with your data and our deep understanding of energy markets. We benchmark your energy spend to other similar entities and model your energy usage simulating the economic and sustainability impacts from energy efficiency, demand management, distributed generation, and renewables. Once we understand the potential cost savings and sustainability benefits of certain actions, we can then take a deeper dive into your operation.



To develop a comprehensive energy strategy to meet your objectives, we involve key stakeholder views across the business, including financial, operational, and sustainability. Usource energy experts utilize the analysis to develop a customized plan based on your business goals. Your customized plan reduces the highly complex energy market to a concrete set of realistic, realizable recommendations that can be executed over time. Each action that is undertaken will have an impact on subsequent actions, and that’s why it’s so important to take a comprehensive view. We help you understand where to start and stay with you through time to ensure excellent execution.



This is where the benefits of working with us really stands out. Our client engagement program will pair your organization with a dedicated client manager that has ultimate accountability for your success and a staff that supports the day-to-day operations for the initiatives you choose to pursue. We engage our deep and broad network of suppliers and vendors and apply our sophisticated bidding platforms to source the highest quality products and services needed to achieve your renewables and sustainability goals. Unbiased transparency is the key component to this process. Our subject matter experts then unpack the complexity and nuance in the proposals to expose the true costs, risks and benefits of each bid. We then review and negotiate the best solution from the winning provider.



The process does not end with the contract signing. There is still plenty of important work to be done answering stakeholder questions, resolving supplier disputes, reviewing and auditing bills for accuracy, measuring and verifying savings, and providing regular energy market and regulatory intelligence. As the business and market environments shift over time, there may be a need to adjust and amend strategies, modes of operation or reporting/analytical output. This ongoing review and process planning helps re-tune your strategies in a highly dynamic market with rapidly changing technology, policy, regulation, and supply and demand fundamentals.

Why Choose Usource

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Energy Expertise

Crafting customized commercial and industrial energy strategies for over 20 years.
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Strong Financials

Part of the NextEra Energy family of companies, a Fortune 200 company.
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Renewables Expertise

NextEra Energy is the world’s largest producer of wind and solar energy.
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Regulatory Intelligence

Continuous monitoring at the national, state and ISO/RTO level.
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