Community Solar Connect: The Difference

If you are exploring community solar programs for your New York business, you may encounter challenges in finding a suitable option. While numerous options exist, they may require long-term commitments and investment-grade credit, making it difficult for your business to participate and enjoy the cost savings offered by community solar programs. This is where our Community Solar Connect program distinguishes itself and provides a solution that can benefit your business.

It is imperative for your business to seek out unique energy solutions that proactively mitigate cost increases. The continually rising market prices and the availability of flexible and exclusive programs like Community Solar Connect make it even more important for your business to take action now. Whether limited credit of your business has restrained your previous involvement or other operational priorities have taken precedence, our program can help you reap the benefits of community solar.

Benefits of Community Solar Connect

No Financial Clearance Needed

We’re reshaping the landscape of community solar programs. We understand that many programs have credit score minimums or eligibility criteria in place to ensure participants fulfill their financial obligations. Typically, standard community solar programs expect businesses like yours to have investment-grade credit to participate.

With Usource you do not need investment grade credit to participate in our Community Solar Connect program.

No Long-Term Commitments

In a typical community solar program, your business may find itself bound by long-term contractual obligations. To enhance the opportunity of our New York Community Solar Connect program, we offer a 12-month cancellation clause. Usource understands that your business is a dynamic entity, constantly evolving and adapting to meet new challenges. That’s why we’ve integrated this flexible option into our program, allowing you the freedom to adjust your energy contracts as needed. We believe in providing businesses with a convenient and adaptable solution that aligns with their changing decarbonization incentives.

With our 12-month cancellation clause, you can confidently benefit from our Community Solar Connect program, knowing that you’re not locked into a long-term commitment. We empower you to make energy choices that best suit your evolving business requirements. Whether you need to scale up, streamline operations, or respond to market shifts, our program offers the flexibility you need to navigate these changes seamlessly.

Exclusive NY Community Solar Opportunity

This is an exclusive offer for Usource customers in New York. As a member of the NextEra Energy family of companies, we uniquely leverage the extensive financial strength of our parent company to ensure that our clients and future clients like you can benefit from energy credit incentives, adopt renewable energy consumption, and support the growth of renewable energy generation in your communities.

NY Community Solar Connect

Successful Savings

Through the Community Solar Connect program, a New York University is saving $35,000 annually. Throughout their 25-year contract with Usource, they are projected to save over $875,000 on their energy bill.

The Time is Now

This program offers an excellent opportunity to reduce your business’s energy costs while supporting the development and utilization of sustainable energy sources. Best of all, you can access and benefit from renewable energy without the hassle of expensive installations or maintenance. Through collaboration with others in your community, you can collectively make a positive impact on the environment while enjoying the financial advantages of lower energy costs.

New York Community Solar discounts have been decreasing rapidly throughout the state. By subscribing to our exclusive Community Solar Connect program, you’ll secure a coveted spot and begin the process of receiving energy savings throughout your contract. By joining now, you seize the opportunity to secure a significant discount that you wouldn’t be able to take advantage of with any other advisor.

At Usource, we’re committed to empowering your New York business with affordable and sustainable energy solutions. With Community Solar Connect, you can embrace a brighter future while embracing the advantages of cleaner, cost-effective energy.

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At Usource, we’re committed to empowering your New York business with affordable and sustainable energy solutions. With Community Solar Connect, you can embrace a brighter future while embracing the advantages of cleaner, cost-effective energy.


  1. What makes this program different from other Community Solar subscription programs?
    This program gives commercial and industrial customers the opportunity to participate in community solar without investment grade credit. It also allows our clients to have the flexibility to terminate the contract within one year.
  1. Which states are included in this Community Solar Connect program?
    Community Solar Connect is currently offered in New York, specifically in the NYSEG and National Grid service areas.
  1. Is there any additional cost to participate in this program?
    No, there is no cost to take part in the Community Solar Connect program. When you become a Usource energy and renewable advisory client, you will be given a complimentary spot in this program and begin receiving a bill credit.
  2. Is there a fee for canceling?
    There is no fee for canceling provided we receive notice at least one year prior to the desired cancellation date; otherwise, a cancellation fee may apply.
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Steve has more than 20 years of professional experience and is a seasoned energy and clean-tech executive with a foundation in consulting and analysis. He has developed, financed and advised on commercial and industrial solar projects for private and agricultural businesses, municipalities, schools, water agencies and more.