Usource expertly navigates strategic negotiations, securing a 25-year contract for an Illinois water reclamation district. This comprehensive deal boasts a 10% utility bill discount, leading to substantial annual savings of $65,000.

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A water reclamation district in Illinois began a multi-decade process of infrastructure modernization that included renovations of existing plants to comply with new water quality standards. In 2021, the District expanded the scope of their project to include increasing wastewater treatment capacity, sewer separation projects, renovations of additional facilities, and a larger look at assessing operational and maintenance efficiencies that would support the District for decades to come. As part of this increased scope, the District began to explore how best to utilize existing space for potential renewables projects.


An Illinois water reclamation district had been a valued Usource client for years and approached our energy experts for options on how to best utilize existing green space for possible solar-based solutions. They were interested in exploring whether installing their own solar solution or leasing the land made the most sense given their long-term business and decarbonization objectives.


Usource collaborated with the water reclamation district to evaluate their objectives and procedures. This involved:

  • Assessing the water district's current proposition for onsite solar installation and advising against it as the most optimal choice considering their financial goals and desired timeline.
  • Presenting a highly competitive program offer from a trusted supplier that Usource has a longstanding relationship with and expediting the negotiation process.
  • Conducting financial analysis and engaging in a competitive negotiation to ensure that the water district's objectives were achieved in the final contract.


After assessing their energy goals, the Usource team discovered a valuable opportunity for the water district to engage in the Illinois Shines program. This state initiative aids Illinois businesses and municipalities in investing locally in community solar. Community solar encompasses various programs that offer monetary credits, promoting the development of renewable energy.

Through a longstanding partnership with an Illinois supplier actively seeking credit-worthy businesses for Illinois Shines, the Usource team secured a favorable contract for the client. The contract includes a 10% discount on the client's utility bill for a 25-year term, with an 18-month notice period for cancellation. Based on the water district's average annual usage, this contract stands to save them an estimated $65,000 annually. Notably, these savings can be achieved without the need for on-site equipment installation or leasing of their existing green space.

This solution provides the utmost flexibility for the client. They have the freedom to pursue alternative options in the future, should they choose to do so, all while maintaining their current financial stability and sustainability goals.


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Usource successfully guided an Illinois water reclamation district through strategic negotiations, resulting in a 25-year contract. The deal includes a 10% utility bill discount, saving the district $65,000 annually without on-site installation, aligning with their financial and sustainability goals.

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