Offsite Renewables

Power your business with carbon reduction solutions.

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Simplifying your access to offsite renewable energy 

There are many benefits to utilizing offsite renewable energy resources. Offsite renewables such as wind and solar can help reduce electricity costs, provide greater budget certainty, mitigate energy market price risk, and help your organization meet its business and sustainability goals — without the need for onsite installation.

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Offsite Solar

When onsite solar installation is not feasible for your facility or property due to physical space available, building and land ownership restrictions, or financial constraints, offsite solar may be an excellent option. With offsite solar energy, your organization can leverage clean, renewable solar energy, reduce carbon emissions, lower electricity costs and meet sustainability goals — even when the solar array is not on your property. Offsite solar projects are generally structured one of two ways: 

1. The power generated from the solar panels is directly fed into your facility to offset your electricity consumption from the grid. 

2. The power is fed into the grid and your business receives a utility bill credit for the power generated. 

Offsite Wind

Wind is a clean, cost-effective choice which can help your organization reduce its carbon footprint, lower electricity costs, and meet sustainability goals. Wind energy is affordable, good for our environment and our economy. Wind energy provides millions in tax dollars and landowner payments. It also creates jobs and boosts local economies.

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How we work with
our renewable energy clients




We conduct an energy strategy consultation with you to understand your goals and objectives and help determine the ideal renewable energy solution for your organization.




We assess the feasibility of each renewable energy option (both onsite and offsite) and provide one which would best achieve your desired results.



  RFP Process

As an independent consultant, we will develop a Request for Proposal (RFP) on your behalf, then review offers gathered from numerous renewable energy service providers.



  Energy Impact Analysis

We provide a renewable energy impact analysis to compare past energy usage to future state–once you are leveraging renewable energy.


Offsite Renewables Benefits

Owned and Operated Elsewhere

Offsite solar systems are owned and operated by a developer who sells energy to subscribers at a fixed rate–often at a lower than market value–or via utility bill credits.

Renewable Energy Across Sites

Unlike onsite solar which only allows a single location to benefit from the renewable energy source, offsite solar or wind can yield savings benefits for multiple locations.

Community & Partnerships

Establishes a cooperative relationship within the community and can complement landowners’ farming and ranching operations.

No Water or Solid Waste

Creates no solid waste, greenhouse gases or waste byproducts. Does not require or use water to create electricity.
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University Achieves Decarbonization Goals with Retail Renewable Solution

Our partnership with a AASHE Gold-rated University has resulted in millions of dollars in energy savings for the facility, while delivering on carbon reduction goals, utilizing power purchase agreements (PPAs), retail-delivered renewable energy and renewable energy credit (RECs) solutions.

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Why choose Usource?

Usource is part of the NextEra Energy family of companies — the world’s largest producer of wind and solar energy. As part of NextEra Energy, Usource has deep industry knowledge and is uniquely positioned to analyze, facilitate, and execute your renewable energy project to ensure it is a cohesive fit with your organization’s overall energy strategy. As an independent consultancy, we will review and select the service provider that best meets your business and sustainability goals.


Tell us about your energy and decarbonization goals and we’ll source the best options for your organization.

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