Zero-Emissions Energy Program

Nextera Energy Resource’s Seabrook Station Zero-Emissions Block

Now is your chance to purchase energy from a block of power delivering zero carbon emissions. Usource’s Zero-Emissions Energy Program is available to the state’s largest consumers of electricity to reduce electric supply costs and help offset a portion of participants’ carbon footprint. The zero-emissions block of power will be sourced from Nextera Energy’s Seabrook nuclear generation asset. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, nuclear is the second largest source of low-carbon electricity in the world and produces more of it on less land than any other clean energy source.

How it works

  1. Your company along with other large energy consumers in the state of New Hampshire, come together to purchase a long-term block of energy.
  2. Any additional supply needs outside of the program can be actively managed to meet budget and sustainability objectives.

Choose your program

You can select the Zero-Emissions Energy Program that is right for you. The program is offered in two different forms:

Full Energy Procurement Advisory Services
  • Execute Energy Buying Service Agreement

  • Usource becomes your exclusive energy consultant responsible for procuring 100% of your electricity needs.

  • Usource deploys managed approach to actively hedge your requirements above the block to meet your budget and sustainability goals.

Limited Zero-Emissions Solutions
  • Execute Letter of Understanding for designated accounts

  • You can continue to use your existing energy broker and / or consultant

  • The offering will be a Nextera Energy Resource’s Seabrook Station Zero-Emissions Block

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What is a block of energy?

A block of energy is a consistent volume of power meeting minimum base-load demand. The balance of energy above th Zero-Emissions block can be hedged in the market with traditional power.

  • Carbon-free RECs can be included in the hedges above the Zero-Emissions block

  • Flexibity of hedging beyond the prompt month is available for up to 10 years

NextEra Energy Resources’ Seabrook Station

An economic engine for New Hampshire

of Zero-Emissions electric output
total economic impact on the local region
jobs in New Hampshire

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