Not Just Pricing...Insight
We customize energy procurement strategies and provide innovative solutions based on deep industry insight and energy consulting expertise.

Our expertise extends far beyond securing affordable energy prices

Whether your priority is keeping costs low, managing your energy budget with certainty, achieving sustainability goals, always knowing what’s happening in the energy industry, or all of the above, Usource can help. Our trusted energy advisors provide innovative analysis, timely market insights and customized solutions to create an ideal energy strategy for your company.


  • Our senior-level advisors and consultants have years of experience in the energy industry.
  • Data and analytics allow our experts to develop well-informed, independent viewpoints on the markets.
  • We customize energy procurement strategy solutions for you using fact-based analytics and a high level of consulting expertise.

 Premier Bidding Platform in the Energy Industry

  • Our proprietary technology and processes help us garner and evaluate the best possible energy supply agreements for you.
  • We continuously evaluate the 40+ electric and natural gas suppliers that are pre-qualified, based on their level of service delivery, to participate in our process.
  • We have an outstanding reputation among both the supplier community and our clients for following objective, fact-based methods to generate the best procurement plans.

 Exceptional Client Service

  • We advocate for you with suppliers and utilities to resolve billing and supply contract issues and disputes.
  • Our reporting and analytics support your planning and decision-making.

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