Simplifying Commercial Solar for a Clear Path to Success

If you’re responsible for buying energy for your organization, you’ve probably considered commercial solar, and you’ve probably received dozens of calls and emails from solar brokers, developers, and installers. But how do you know which solar option is best for your organization, or who to trust with your solar project?

Commercial solar can be nuanced and complex – but it doesn’t have to be. In this 30-minute webinar, Usource’s Consulting Director of Renewable Energy, Steve Birndorf discusses the variety of commercial solar options available today, how to spot and avoid potential pitfalls, and how one large organization was able to clear hurdles, cut through the confusion and develop a successful and financially rewarding commercial solar plan. Plus, Steve answers questions from webinar attendees. Complete the form to watch the webinar replay video now.

Streamlining Solar Webinar Replay

Don’t let complexities and confusion keep you from the benefits and rewards of commercial solar:

  • Solar is a safe, well-understood, and reliable technology that delivers significant economic benefits for decades
  • Sustainability planning is becoming “table stakes” for businesses and municipalities, it’s time to get on board
  • Solar energy costs are significantly lower today, and there are many ways to purchase or finance solar systems
  • Solar energy enables long-term control over energy spend and provides budget predictability 
  • Incorporating commercial solar demonstrates your organization’s commitment to sustainability

As part of the NextEra Energy family of companies, the largest producer of solar and wind energy in the U.S., Usource brings deep expertise in solar economics, operations, technology, analysis, and regulatory knowledge to your organization. We are a dedicated and trusted advisor acting on your behalf to customize your commercial solar solution. We “sit on your side of the table” throughout the lifecycle of your solar project – from understanding your needs and goals to assessment and analysis, through RFPs, vendor selection, and ongoing monitoring and reporting.  Click here to learn more about our process.

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Streamlining Solar Webinar Replay

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