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“As an energy reporting analyst I develop and deliver custom energy procurement and management reports for clients. Through these reports I provide customers with analytically based insight and actionable information to reduce overall energy costs and improve performance.”

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As an Energy Consultant at Usource, Jesse develops and delivers custom energy procurement and management reports for clients. In addition, he provides clients with analytically-based insight and actionable information to reduce overall energy costs and improve performance. Prior to joining Usource, Jesse worked as a consultant performing evaluations of federal and state run energy efficiency programs by analyzing survey data, conducting market research, and drafting reports. He has developed an extensive knowledge of building science by conducting dozens of comprehensive energy audits throughout New England for the evaluation of utility sponsored residential and multifamily construction programs. Jesse holds a M.A. in Energy & Environmental Analysis from Boston University, a B.S. from the Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources of the University of Vermont, and is a Building Performance Institute Certified Building Analyst Professional.

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