Usource’s proprietary technology and processes allow us to garner and evaluate the best possible supply agreements—and craft and execute long-term energy strategies. We monitor the market on a daily basis to ensure that your energy plan maintains the best pricing and contract terms, and has the knowledge and insight to make informed decisions.


Our Process


We continuously analyze your energy needs and evaluate your strategy against market conditions. We follow these steps:

  1. ANALYZE your energy needs and usage
    We’ll analyze your utility bill to uncover any costly inaccuracies then dig deeper to reveal opportunities for saving money and energy. Our energy experts will review how you use energy over time, perform rate code analysis, account verification, and review your usage and capacity.
  2. DEVELOP a strategy
    Usource energy experts develop a custom plan based on your business goals and objectives. We compare the suppliers in your market and evaluate all of the products available to meet your budget and goals. Your customized plan reduces the highly complex energy commodities market to a concrete set of realistic, realizable recommendations. It becomes the foundation of how we work with you over time.
  3. EXECUTE on strategy
    To execute your customized strategy, we start by creating intense competition among suppliers to get you the best natural gas and electricity contracts—now and in the future. We invite all reputable suppliers to bid on our fully-transparent and unbias auction platform. With just one chance to earn your business, suppliers must submit their best and final price and terms, first. Usource will review contracts and make recommendations, as well as conduct negotiations and manage contract execution. While we focus on optimal pricing, it is important to get the best overall contract that meets your business goals and objectives over time.
  4. EVALUATE, monitor, and adapt
    As your trusted energy advisor, Usource stays with you after contract signing, answering questions, resolving supplier disputes, reviewing and auditing bills for accuracy, and providing energy market intelligence. We’re continuously evaluating your strategy over time. This strategic planning helps fine-tune your energy strategy via market monitoring and insights. By monitoring energy prices, for example, we enable you to take advantage of favorable market movements—and protect you from volatile price swings.

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