Usource InSight Energy Information Management ToolUsource’s custom reporting tool, InSight, monitors and manages your facility’s energy consumption and expenditures. This cloud-based platform offers an array of analytic capabilities, allowing you to track your budget, identify areas of inefficiency and implement targeted energy-saving initiatives.


  • Analyze your energy usage and costs
    • Identify best/worst performing buildings
    • Interval Data analysis
    • Perform bench-marking
    • Conduct a rate analysis
  • Create, run and automate custom reports
    • Budget and forecasting
    • Carbon footprint
    • Energy Star® scoring
    • Utility bill statements for processing
  • View important documents
    • Current and historic energy bills
    • Supplier contracts
    • Usource documents

Turn your company’s energy data into powerful insights that drive cost-saving actions. Contact your Usource Advisor today to find out how you can get started with InSight.

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