Market Expertise Helps Milk Producer Save on Energy Costs

I've been working with this client for 10 years now; remaining focused on their goals, and acting as an extension of their team. With our market expertise we have been able to consistently create a strategic energy procurement plan that supports prosperous growth for the client.

Ron Appleton, Senior Energy Advisor,



As a large milk product producer in upstate New York, energy spend is a significant part of their operating budget. When Usource began working with the producer in 2008 they conducted a full energy review to understand the company’s existing energy usage patterns and procurement strategy as well as identify areas of opportunity for cost savings. Usource analysts reviewed the historical energy usage, utility and supplier bills, energy supply contracts and energy related state regulations and programs.


Usource worked with the milk product producer to craft an electricity procurement strategy that would yield savings over previous contracts. In addition, Usource discovered that a new state program, ReCharge New York (RNY), would be a good fit for the client. This program would give the client access to low-cost hydro-electric power; further reducing their energy costs.


Over the course of the relationship, Usource has delivered energy market education and competitive supply prices and terms that consistently meet or beat budget objectives; including during times of expansion and client personnel changes. With the identification of RNY, Usource helped the client to complete the required application and explained how this power source would integrate into their current procurement contract and strategy. Most recently, Usource has brought the milk product producer onto its new online information management and reporting platform, InSight. This enables the client’s personnel and Usource analysts to monitor and manage facility energy consumption and expenditures, track budgets, and identify areas of inefficiency.