Energy is a major budget item.
Can you afford not to get a second opinion?


Are you confident you’re getting the best price and service with your current energy provider? With tight margins and ongoing budget pressures, every dollar counts – and a brief review with Usource could mean significant energy cost reductions.

A Usource Second Opinion Review can start with a brief call or meeting. Once completed, you’ll have a FREE written report with no obligation to work with us (although we think you’ll want to!).

Here’s what we’ll do:

  1. Review utility bill for inaccuracies (rate code, supply charge verification).
  2. Review current electric and/or natural gas usage at each location; match against current energy contracts and strategy.
  3. Conduct brief interview on current and future organizational plans (expansions, shift changes, solar, etc.).
  4. Provide a written report on our findings.

To get started, call 888.686.4845 or complete our form.

See how a second opinion made sense of energy costs and strategies for this national sports landmark. See the Case Study

National Baseball Hall of Fame

“Usource continues to deliver in the clutch with sound tactics that help the museum maximize its opportunities.”

-Jeff Jones, Senior Vice President
National Baseball Hall of Fame


Second Opinion Request

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