Nicholas Oliverio Energy Consultant

Nicholas Oliverio

Sr. Energy Strategist

Today’s businesses can’t afford to be in the dark when it comes to managing their energy costs. I enjoy monitoring the market and identifying opportunities to help my clients respond in ways that directly affect their bottom line.


After graduating from Kent State University, Nick’s career began in the financial services industry, where he helped business owners manage their benefits and retirement programs. After working with many businesses, he realized that energy was often the largest expense to an organization, second only to labor. With a desire to help businesses navigate the complex energy market, he took the leap into energy in 2010.

Today, Nick understands the complexities of formulating custom energy strategies that meet the unique needs of each organization. He specializes in gathering and communicating market intelligence, anticipating emerging market trends, and helping clients manage all aspects of their energy strategy, including managing supply mix, procurement, costs, and efficiency across all areas of a business.

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