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Usource Provides Pats Peak Top Notch Energy Expertise

For busy New Hampshire ski resort, Pats Peak—a self-reported “ferocious user of power in ski season”—keeping costs low is just one of its top priorities. The fulltime responsibilities of running a busy ski resort and banquet center meant the management team needed to rely on the expertise of a dedicated energy team which could provide energy market insight for strategic energy procurement and budget planning.

With 20+ ski resorts as clients, Usource has a deep understanding of the unique challenges in the ski resort industry. Usource advisors analyzed the energy markets to identify the optimal times for Pats Peak to purchase energy and to best prepare the resort to manage both its winter power load and its summer peak usage times.

For more than three years, Usource has been able to meet Pats Peak’s energy procurement needs by continually analyzing the energy markets for both the best rates and the key insights to guide Pats Peak’s energy strategy. Lauded by the Pats Peak team for their excellent service, professionalism, and follow-through, Usource advisors are currently exploring ways Pats Peak can utilize green energy options at an affordable cost.

I have a fulltime facility to run on my own, so I can’t always be wearing the power hat. Usource’s follow-through is excellent; when they say they’re going to do something, they do it. They’re out there in the trenches looking at power for us every single day. They are way more than an energy broker.

Kim Blomback


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