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Calm Before Some Storm?

As we reported last month, energy prices are calm right now. Natural gas storage injections and production continue to be strong. Pricing for our clients in the northeast have come down modestly for multiple year energy contracts in recent ... Read Full Post

Sailing Through the Shoulder Months

Having weathered some rougher seas this past winter, electric and natural gas markets are characteristically calm right now. The prompt month NYMEX natural gas price dipped below $2.50 per MMbtu, reaching a low not seen for about three years.  Weather has been moderate, natural gas production ... Read Full Post

Eyes on the Summer Weather

Having gone through some significant volatility this winter, electric and gas prices have settled down. The current year prices are still impacted by the year’s persistent natural gas storage deficit. We’ve had just enough cold weather across the lower 48 states this winter to maintain a ... Read Full Post

Early Bird Catches the Worm

A number of our clients on price watch have decided to lock into renewal pricing now. Other proactive clients have engaged us to get contract renewal prices and decided to continue to monitor the markets for the time being. February was a relatively warm month, and as we have pointed out in ... Read Full Post

When the Time is Right, You Buy!

Energy clients should be on the lookout for buying opportunities over the next couple of months as a big portion of the 2018-2019 winter is now in the rearview mirror.  Near term futures prices have come off significantly from recent highs as the natural gas storage inventory deficit has ... Read Full Post