Usource Celebrates Milestone: 20 Years in Business

HAMPTON, NH, January 31, 2019—Usource, a northeast-based energy advisory firm to large commercial, industrial and institutional organizations, announced its 20-year anniversary. For two decades Usource energy advisors have been helping large companies execute smart energy procurement strategies so they can deliver a stable budget, and remain focused on core business objectives.

Usource began as an energy procurement broker in 1999 when northeast markets first deregulated, allowing commercial customers to choose who supplied their natural gas and later electricity. At that time, deregulation was in its infancy in many parts of the country.

Since its inception, Usource has always focused on the client experience; advocating for clients on utility/supplier billing issues, enhancing its supplier network to deliver the best price offers, and refining the bidding process to ensure full supplier transparency to the client.

“In what is arguably one of the most fragmented industries, Usource has remained a strong and stable energy procurement broker, delivering an exceptional client experience through integrity and expertise.” said Scott MacDonald, Managing Director, Usource.

Over the past five years, Usource has enriched its procurement service by providing clients supplemental offerings that support a comprehensive, forward-looking energy management strategy. Usource advises on renewable and energy efficiency projects, peak load and demand management programs, and in 2016, launched its cloud-based reporting tool, InSight, which offers an array of analytic and reporting capabilities for clients.

“Procuring energy effectively is becoming more complex. It requires an understanding of renewables, distributed energy resources, and demand management options and analytics to optimize the energy supply portfolio. We’re helping our clients translate the complexity and myriad of options into energy procurement plans and solutions that will result in successful energy cost management for their business.” said MacDonald.


About Usource 

Usource, a premier energy advisory firm, works with businesses to develop and execute customized procurement and management strategies to reduce energy costs. With its deep industry expertise and analytical approach, Usource helps its clients navigate the complexities of the deregulated electric and gas markets. Usource has been serving businesses across the country for 20 years. For more information visit



Jillian Carter, Director, Marketing & Sales


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