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Ensure alignment with your risk tolerance and budget.

With years of experience working with food manufacturing professionals, Usource advisors help you build an energy strategy and successfully integrate it into your operations. Specifically, advisors help provide:

  • Ongoing knowledge and consultation.
    Usource provides ongoing consultation on energy markets throughout your energy contract.
  • Internal alignment.
    From finance, to procurement, to operations and facility management, multiple stakeholders in your organization benefit from a streamlined approach to energy buying and management. 
  • Guidance on additional cost-reduction energy strategies.
    Usource advisors can suggest other solutions that may help you better manage your energy costs, such as peak load management, energy efficiency, renewables, and invoice management.



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About Usource

Usource, based in Hampton, NH, helps clients manage, control, monitor, and reduce electricity and natural gas costs as their trusted energy advisor. Founded in 1999, Usource is highly sought after for its expertise in navigating the complexities of deregulated energy commodities markets. Learn More