It’s Time to Be an Energy Price-Maker, Not a Price-Taker.

VP Energy Procurement

The state of today’s energy market is volatile and unpredictable – no matter how temporary current conditions may be. In many ways, North American businesses are navigating uncharted waters and the energy procurement choices made today can have long-term repercussions. It’s time to be proactive and strategic with energy buying to put your business in a favorable position for the long haul. It’s time to be an energy price-maker, not a price-taker.

Price-makers keep their finger on the pulse of the energy market and make strategic decisions to lock in long-term, low energy rates when opportunities arise. Price-takers are those who only review market pricing when their contract renewal is due. They simply take the hand that is dealt to them, sometimes with costly consequences.

Price-makers understand how their energy budget and energy planning significantly impact their bottom line. They actively source optimal pricing from competing energy providers to secure the best rates. Price-takers may not understand the benefits of a deregulated energy market or how to leverage the competition in their favor.

The energy market is complex and continually changing – especially during these uncertain times. It can be difficult to interpret the myriad factors that influence the energy industry and how those changes impact your energy costs. Usource energy analysts and consultants are working with clients like you, providing real-time insight and developing a cost-efficient energy strategy that achieves business objectives and evolves alongside a changing market.

Whether you anticipate your electricity or natural gas usage increasing or decreasing in material ways based on recent operational changes, or your energy contract is about to end and you want to take advantage of current market conditions – even if your energy supply contract doesn’t expire for another couple years or more – Usource energy consultants are here to help you make proactive and strategic energy choices.

Be an energy price-maker. Contact Usource today.

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Tom Dyer is Sr. Director, Procurement & Analysis for Usource. Tom has over 16 years of experience in the energy markets, including working for two of the largest energy suppliers on the East Coast.

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