ReCharge NY Participants: Don’t miss your savings opportunity!

Are you a ReCharge New York program participant? One of the requirements for receiving low-cost power allocations via the ReCharge NY program is the participant’s willingness to provide New York Power Authority (NYPA) with an energy audit of the facility. This audit must be completed during the term of the agreement, and done at the participant’s expense.

Recognizing that many businesses don’t have the dedicated staff with the knowledge or time required to conduct such audits in house, we are reaching out to assist program participants with this requirement.

While incentives from NYSERDA are still in place for 2015 we are encouraging our clients to meet this audit requirement before the end of 2015.

By working with Usource, we will ensure the audit will be performed to acceptable NYPA standards and submitted to NYPA along with the application for a 50% incentive from NYSERDA – all done on your behalf

If you are a ReCharge NY program participant and have not yet completed your energy audit, contact me today to begin the process of scheduling this requirement.

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Ron Appleton is a Senior Energy Advisor at Usource. His primary area of expertise is optimizing energy purchasing in a complicated deregulated market for large industrial and commercial customers.

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