Make Your Energy Data Actionable

As an energy manager, you recognize the benefits of tracking your organization’s energy costs and consumption. The challenge, however, is getting all of those data points, reports and bills in one central location, and then finding the time to analyze the information to pin-point opportunities to reduce costs.

Understand what you have

Energy data can be found in a lot of places: utility and supply bills, interval metered data, building management systems and from your own colleagues. Understanding this information can be overwhelming, and knowing what to address first can be daunting – especially if energy is just one of many things you are responsible for managing.

Leverage insight

You want to leverage your company’s energy data to make more informed decisions that will 1) ensure budget adherence and 2) reduce overall energy costs.

Once your company’s information is consolidated and organized, it can be analyzed to address questions such as:

  • Are the company’s energy expenses tracking with budget?
  • Given changes in energy consumption or prices, what should I be forecasting for future energy expenses?
  • Which building is using the most energy on a per-square-foot basis?
  • Where are the anomalies in my energy usage that can point to inefficiencies or best practices?
  • Are my energy efficiency initiatives creating the savings I anticipated?
  • What is my company’s carbon footprint?

Find the right energy advisor to help

A good energy advisor will have an analytics tool that will consolidate all of the information you have into one location. With the tool, the energy advisor will be able to take an in-depth look at invoices, track expenses, compare actual and budgeted costs, and help you identify areas of improvement to maximize future savings, and measure results from specific initiatives already in place.

Managing your company’s energy data on your own can be overwhelming. A good first step is finding the right energy advisor with a reporting tool to help you track your budget, identify areas of inefficiency, and implement energy-saving initiatives. With InSight, Usource’s cloud-based energy analytics platform, you can access all of your data in one place, and benefit from a team of energy professionals who are watching for anomalies, billing errors and opportunities to reduce costs.

Contact Usource to learn how we can help you better leverage your energy data to drive cost-savings and measure results.

About the Author

Jesse Ram has eight years of experience in analyzing large datasets, evaluating energy programs and developing reports. Prior to joining Usource, he was a consultant with Conservation Services Group and NMR Group.

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