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5 Ways ESG and Sustainability Create Business Value

In response to the escalating climate crisis, new environmental legislation, a global pandemic, and the resulting financial crisis, business, and financial leaders have been forced to rethink the fundamentals of mainstream business models. Shifting focus more keenly on environmental concerns ... Read Full Post

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Raise Your Power Factor – Lower Your Utility Bill

In order to provide the amount of electricity required of all energy users on an electric grid, and to maintain grid reliability, an electricity supplier uses a number of calculations to determine each client’s monthly utility charges. One important measurement is the ratio of true power or ... Read Full Post

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3 Considerations for a Successful Corporate Energy Strategy

Your organization can benefit from a streamlined approach to energy procurement, energy efficiency and energy management. Here are 3 tips to help you more effectively manage your corporate energy strategy: 1. Make a Corporate Commitment to Energy From finance, to procurement, to operations ... Read Full Post

benefits of demand response programs

3 Key Benefits, and Costs, of Demand Response Programs

With the volatility of the energy market, and fluctuating transmission, distribution, and capacity charges, future energy costs are uncertain. That's why many organizations are looking at demand response programs to help improve their bottom line. Demand response gives companies the opportunity ... Read Full Post