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raise power factor

Raise Your Power Factor – Lower Your Utility Bill

In order to provide the amount of electricity required of all energy users on an electric grid, and to maintain grid reliability, an electricity supplier uses a number of calculations to determine each client’s monthly utility charges. One important measurement is the ratio of true power or ... Read Full Post

energy strategy

3 Considerations for a Successful Corporate Energy Strategy

Your organization can benefit from a streamlined approach to energy procurement, energy efficiency and energy management. Here are 3 tips to help you more effectively manage your corporate energy strategy: 1. Make a Corporate Commitment to Energy From finance, to procurement, to operations ... Read Full Post

Is Your Power Factor Causing a Utility Bill Increase?

In order to always provide the electricity required of energy users, and to maintain electric grid reliability, utility suppliers need to know a company’s peak electric demand. When providing electricity to a facility, whether it is powering a manufacturing line, a facility's air ... Read Full Post

Who's handling your energy procurement?

Strategic Energy Procurement: 5 Tips for CFOs

For most CFOs, energy procurement is simply not their radar. But energy prices can be extremely volatile. Energy markets and regulations are complex and ever-changing. If you’re a CFO or facilities executive in manufacturing, health, education, property management, or the like, it is a good ... Read Full Post