New Website & Tools to Empower the Transition to Renewable Energy

Usource is pleased to announce the launch of a dynamic new, user-friendly website–complete with an upgraded look and robust new energy management tools and resources developed specifically for large commercial and industrial organizations transitioning to renewable energy.

As an independent energy consultancy, Usource encourages and supports the transition to more sustainable business through renewable energy sources. In our ongoing quest to provide the most up-to-date, data-driven insights on the energy market, energy strategies, renewable energy, and sustainability planning, we have developed an online Resources section. Here, visitors can access thought leadership articles, white papers, case studies, on-demand webinars, and industry news.

Usource is part of the NextEra Energy family of companies. This enables our team to provide the intimate customer experience of a dedicated consultancy, powered by the substantial resources of a Fortune 200 company and the world’s largest producer of wind and solar energy.

As always, our experienced energy analysts and advisors are available to help enterprises and organizations make the transition to clean energy through customized solutions that integrate renewable energy sources.

If your organization is ready to make the transition to cost-saving, carbon-reducing, clean, renewable energy, contact us to discuss your energy and sustainability goals today.



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About the author

Scott MacDonald

As Usource's Managing Director, Scott brings 25+ years of experience in the energy industry to the Usource Team. He is a recognized expert in energy economics and consulting. He holds an MS from MIT and a BA in economics from the University of New Hampshire.