4 Reasons to Start Your Energy Contract Renewal Process Early

We see it time and again; energy purchasers wait until just a few months, or even weeks before their energy supply contract is about to expire to reach out into the market for pricing. All too often we see these companies face serious consequences when renewals are pushed to the final hour. It’s certainly understandable given that many people responsible for purchasing energy for their company or organization are often wearing several hats, and energy purchasing is far down their priority list. But below are 4 reasons why you should get started with the renewal process early.

  1. Ability to leverage market dips
    Ensuring enough time to work through adjustments in buying strategy, and getting paperwork in order, allows you to be ready to act when the market is favorable.
  2. The renewal process fits to your schedule
    By starting the process early, we can plan out key milestone dates with your existing schedule. No racing against an immediate deadline, rushing document reviews or squeezing meetings into your already full days.
  3. Avoid the risk of sizable utility or rollover rates
    All too often companies waiting until the last minute to renew have ended with Suppliers not getting enrollments completed in time and found themselves hit with very high utility or rollover rates. If Usource can submit the re-enrollment early, you avoid missing the enrollment window and we can also confirm your enrollment was processed correctly.
  4. Your renewal period is during Supplier peak season
    The fall and early winter is the busiest time for suppliers, so they can get more selective in what they choose to bid on. Getting out early can help safeguard a robust bidding process with more offers to choose from.

Be sure to contact your Usource Advisor today to kick off your upcoming renewal.

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About the author

Shannon Monroe-Davis

Shannon is the Director of Operations for Usource. She has developed and executed complex energy procurement strategies for hundreds of medium to large commercial, industrial, institutional, and governmental clients.