‘Tis the Season for Weather-Driven Price Moves

The early cold weather had a significant impact on prices with the prompt gas month reaching almost $5.00/MMBtu in November. Storage withdrawal reported for the week ending November 16 was well above expectations at 134 Bcf. The storage inventory deficit has grown to 19% versus the 5 year ... Read Full Post

Winter Is Here. Buckle Up!

We are off to a bumpy start this winter. Cold weather last week pushed the NYMEX natural gas price past the highs previously set early this year during the January cold snap. Prices surged to almost $5.00 per MMBTU. As we have pointed out repeatedly in recent Usource energy updates, the natural ... Read Full Post

ISO-NE Reserve Margin Pass-Through Costs

This month, New England clients may see increased charges on their electric supply bills. The increases in charges are a result of the Independent System Operator – New England (ISO-NE) adjustments to capacity reserves. You may recall from discussions with your Usource advisor that in order ... Read Full Post

Back to School

If you’re like most of us, you still have a few items on your Fall Checklist – school shopping, HVAC inspections, lawn care.  If you haven’t taken care of your company’s electricity and natural gas supply contracts yet, add that to the list. This week’s hot weather is pushing ... Read Full Post