Hello Spring, Are You There?

This month is shaping up to be the coldest April in a couple decades. While this hasn’t been particularly helpful for moods, it hasn’t had much effect on energy prices. Not all that surprising for a shoulder month, when heating demands are coming off from the winter and power burn isn’t ... Read Full Post

Sunshine on My Shoulders

There is never a “perfect time” of year to buy energy, which is why it's important to always be monitoring energy prices. That said, shoulder months often present good buying opportunities. And that time has arrived in the Northeast – but it won’t be here for long. ‘Shoulder months’ ... Read Full Post

Location, Location … Policy

Location counts for a lot, but poor policy can offset the advantage. Natural gas storage inventories are almost 30% below where they were last year at this time, which should have the energy markets at least a bit on edge - but not so. Natural gas futures are lower than last year. Why? The ... Read Full Post