New England Clients, Are You Ready for a Peak Day?

As we enter into another summer season, it’s important to be aware of capacity and how much energy your building will be using on potential peak days. In New England, weather and capacity costs play a significant role in electricity pricing, so managing your usage and positively affecting ... Read Full Post

Go the Distance

Summer vacations, beaches, and celebrations – it’s that time of year. Who wants to be concerned with energy supply contracts at a time like this – nobody but us energy advisors. We are in the energy markets every day transacting supply agreements for our clients. We monitor and analyze ... Read Full Post

Fill It Up

The first injection into natural gas storage was reported last week. It was a healthy 62 BCF, well above the consensus estimate but in line with the five year average injection for this week in the season. Natural gas storage inventories are 40% below where they were last year at this time – ... Read Full Post

All or Nothing, or Everything In Between

If you’re in charge of energy buying for your organization chances are you are quite familiar with fixed-price energy contracts. Although it’s the more common method of energy procurement, it may not be the best strategy to meet your goals and objectives. An alternative to fixing 100% of ... Read Full Post