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Data Centers: 5 Tips to Reduce Energy Costs

With data centers’ electricity consumption projected to increase to 140 billion kilowatt-hours annually by 2020*, it’s critical to keep an eye on utility costs so they don’t escalate exponentially. Here are 5 tips to help you ...

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Don’t Wait! Avoid These 3 Energy Contract Renewal Mistakes

While most organizations are aware of the importance of managing their energy strategy, many struggle to get the best rate when it comes time to renew their contract. We see it all the time…once the energy contract is signed it’s filed away only to be reviewed when the deadline is at hand. ... Read Full Post

Blades of Progress are Spinning: Offshore Wind in the U.S.

When the blades of the five turbine, 30 MW system started turning off the coast of Block Island, history was made – the first U.S. offshore wind farm was up and running. And now other projects may follow. ‘Offshore wind’ is wind turbines installed and operated in the ocean, usually on ... Read Full Post